Authentic, passionate, precise – at Laco they stand for watches of the highest quality. They stick to their traditions. At the same time Laco looks ahead and creates innovations that meet the current spirit of the age. Driven by the ambition of the founders Lacher & Co, Laco stands for continuous development. Founded in 1925, over the course of the years and together with Durowe, the business emerged at the forefront of Pforzheim’s watch factories. Even under the most difficult conditions, business continued during the Second World War: as one of five manufacturers, we produced reliable watches for the pilots of the German Luftwaffe.

Laco watches stand out for their quality, reliability and rugged yet classy design.

The pilot watches are an expression of Laco’s success story. At the start of the new millennium, they were relaunched onto the market and developed a unique character through artistic, mechanical watch mechanisms with Genevese stripes and blue screws, for example. Numerous models followed, which adopted the look of times gone by but still satisfied modern demands.

We are official Laco dealer and have a Laco watch for every style! Models like the very much desired and LIMITED EDITION Bronze Laco Edition 97, Dortmund, Mojave, Erbstück Friedrichshafen, KIEL.2 SCHWARZ, Frankfurt GMT, Paderborn, Himalaya, Amazonas, Münster, Wien, Vending, Atacama.2, Stuttgart Pro and many more !!

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Laco & QUAX: A partnership that couldn’t work any better

Like Laco, Quax fosters a true passion: historical aviation. 
With almost 700 members, the association with the lengthy title – Verein zur Förderung von historischem Fluggerät e.V. (Association for the Promotion of Historic Aircraft) – is the largest of its kind in Germany and is anything but outdated. The focus here is on fun – when flying historic aircraft, tinkering and talking shop, at meetings and on journeys to the sky. 

Alongside the aeronautical tools of the trade and a tonne of technical expertise, to fly genuine vintage aircraft requires many hours of work and a great deal of passion. This is precisely the passion is what motivates Laco.

Experience, trust and reliability are essential in aviation.

Laco does it’s part in this regard. With tried and tested pilot watches that have been clearly and accurately displaying the time for almost a century, even in the most adverse conditions.