A showcase of the grand part of our Bron Jewelry collection. All these models we have in store, some gems might be different. All combinations desired we can get our hands on! All showed is available in 18 karat rose-, yellow- and white gold.

Catch armband "berry basket" met roze en groene toermalijnen-8AR3965MTC
Catch bracelet "berry basket" with pink and green turmalinePrice indication € 17.000,-
8or4786 Catch oorhanger met random geslepen london blue topaas
Catch earrings with random cut London blue topaz starting at € 1.750,-
Joy oorhangers met champagne diamant en maansteen drops - 8OR4794CBRMGB
Joy earrings with champagne diamond and moonstone drops Price indictor starting at € 2000,-
Catch aanhangers met cabochon aquamarijn - 8OG4798AQC
Catch hangers with cabochon aquamarine starting at € 1.200,-
Stardust aanhangers met witte diamant - 8OW4797BR
Stardust hangers with white diamond showed hangers €3.950,-. (Price does not include creoles)
Catch oorhanger met labradoriet - 8OR4813LAC
Catch hanger with labradorite Starting at € 3.150,-
Phlox oorhanger met citrien en witte diamant - 8OG4755CIBR
Phlox hanger with citrine and white diamond Starting at € 2.050,-
Catch oorsieraad met random geslepen maanstenen - 8OR4743MGR
Catch ear-jewelry with random cut moonstones Starting at € 1.750,-
Catch ring Starting at € 1.850,-
Phlox oorknopjes met citrien en witte diamant - 8OG4750CIBR
Phlox ear-studs with citrine and white diamond starting at € 1.400,-
Confetti ring met saffier en champagne diamant - 8RR4707SUN
Confetti ring with sapphire and champagne diamond Price indicator €3.500,-
Catch ring met schaakbord geslepen bruine maansteen - 8RR4783MSS
Catch ring with chessboard cut brown moonstone Starting at € 2.050,-
Catch ring met saffier in schaakbordslijpsel - 8RR4751SAS
Catch ring with sapphire in chessboard-cut price indication € 2.100,-
Joy ring met witte diamant - 8RR4792BR
Joy ring with white diamond Starting at € 975,-
Joy ring met witte diamantjes - 8RR4746BR
Joy ring with white diamonds € 975,-.
Joy ring met witte diamant - 8RW4745BR
Joy ring with white diamonds Starting at 950,-
Stax - 8RR4612
Stax ring price indicator € 1.075,-
Stax - 8RR4798
Stax ring € 2.200,-
Catch ring met cabochon groene toermalijn - 8RR4753GTC
Catch ring with green turmaline Starting at € 2.550,-
Catch ring met ronde cabochon maansteen - 8RR4780MGC
Catch ring with round cabochon moonstone - 8RR4780MGC - Starting at € 1.700,-
Stardust ring met witte diamant - 8RW4717BR
Stardust ring with white diamond Starting at €2.650,-
Catch ring met onyx - 8RR4783ONR
Catch ring with onyx Starting at € 1.700,-
Catch ring met schaakbord geslepen saffier - 8RR4812SAS
Catch ring with chessboard cut sapphire Price indicator € 1.650,-
Phlox ring met facet tanzaniet en witte diamantjes - 8RR4820TBBR
Phlox ring with facet tanzanite and white diamonds Starting at € 2.100,-
Phlox ring met facet ioliet en witte diamantjes - 8RR4531IOBR
Phlox ring with facet iolite and white diamonds. Starting at € 2.350,-
Phlox ring met facet ioliet en witte diamantjes - 8RR4531IOBR
Sprite ring with iolite. Starting at 1.800,-
Sprite ring met London blue topaas - 8RR4590TL
Sprite ring with London blue topaz. Starting at € 1.800,-
Solar ring met cabochon ioliet - 8RR4719IOC
Solar ring. Starting at € 3.100,-
Stardust ring met Champagne diamant - 8RR4717CBR
Stardust ring with Champagne diamond. Starting at € 1.350,-
Catch hanger met cabochon roze toermalijn - 8HR3377RTC
Catch hanger with cabochon pink turmaline. Hangers starting at € 1.100,-. Price does not include necklace.
Catch hanger met cabochon maansteen - 8HR3384MSC
Catch hanger met cabochon maansteen. Starting at € 1.650,- (Price does not include necklace)
Reflex armband met witte diamant - 7AR3937BR
Reflex bracelet with diamond. Starting at € 2.850,-
Reflex - 7AR3918
Reflex bracelet Starting at € 1.250,-
Reflex armband met groene toermalijn - 7AR3959GTC
Reflex bracelet with green turmaline - 7AR3959GTC - price indicator shown bracelet €3.650,-