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The Bronze Age returns with the newest limited edition to the brand’s collection! The New LUMINOX SportTimer LIMITED-EDITION!

Luminox announces its newest timepiece, the Sport Timer, forged in Bronze, a copper alloy that dates back several millennia first seen around 3500 BC. One theory suggests Bronze may have been discovered when tin and copper rich rocks were utilized as campfire barriers and thus the Bronze Age was born remaining dominant for nearly three thousand years before being replaced by cheaper iron and stronger steel.

Bronze possesses several advantageous characteristics, one of which made it the metal of choice for the newest edition to Luminox’ line-up: its original and unique patina. Bronze, unlike gold and silver, quickly oxidizes when meeting air and water, changing its colour. This oxidation process gives the watch a special greenish tone, which makes each watch nuanced and irresistible to devoted watch collectors. With Luminox’ new SportTimer Limited-Edition, the Bronze Age returns.

The new timepiece is limited to 500 pieces and boasts a bronze bezel, and 42mm case. Additionally, the Sport Timer comes with a sapphire crystal front and movement display on the case back. Water resistant to 200 meters! Like every Luminox timepiece, it incorporates the Luminox Light Technology, making sure that your timepiece is visible in any light conditions for up to 25 years.