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Biggest Ebel dealer of the BeNeLux!

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Did you know this about Ebel?

We are the biggest Ebel dealer in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Meaning that we carry the largest variety and quantity in Ebel watches and the most recent models of this elegant Swiss luxury Watchbrand. All in stock!

Ebel has been on this planet since 1911 and is a cooperation between two lovers! This explains the strong masculine and elegant feminine qualities in all watch designs of Ebel. Fun fact, EBEL is an acronym for the following; “EUGÈNE BLUM ET LÉVY” who are obviously the two lovers!

Since the union and establishment of Ebel, a lot has happened. She won the “Diplôme Commémoratif de Grand Prix” at the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes” in Paris for her Haute Joaillerie Art Déco watch collection, made in platinum with onyx, baguette-cut diamonds and emeralds.

And in 1977, and this might be their trademark, Ebel designed the very innovative Sport Classic collection, noticeable for it’s inimitable WAVE watchband. The smooth watchband with it’s distinctive wavy shape, “wave”,  emits a feeling of motion and simultaneously offers an amazing supple feel. The wave design has become Ebel’s signature design.

This design is still very popular today.

We are very proud to be EBEL’s largest selling point of the Benelux!