Engagement rings and wedding rings

Here at Juwelier Ripassa we believe that there should be a fitting ring for every upcoming fiancé! This is why we carry all traditional styles you can imagine. Wether you choose for a classic solitaire ring, or a completely out of the box colorful vintage style, at Juwelier Ripassa we will help you to find the perfect engagement ring.

We work with only natural diamonds and gemstones. Our collection consists of 14- and 18 carat yellow gold, rosé gold, white gold and platine.

On top of that, we carry the biggest in-house stock of the entire province of Noord- Brabant.

The ring is the symbol of infinity. A circle has no beginning and no end, which symbolizes the eternal love.

Chosing a wedding ring or engagement ring is a special moment. We like to take the time for you, to help you make the right choice. That is why we prefer to make an appointment for these occasions.


Solitaire has two definitions. A solitaire ring shows you don’t want to be alone, but share your life together with the one you love. Also, the diamond in a solitaire ring is the radiant eye-catcher.

If you are not sure about what ring to choose, the solitaire ring is always a good choice.


Especially for those who would rather have more stones in a ring, there is the Alliance ring. Available in white gold, yellow gold and rosé gold . 14- and 18-carat gold.

It is a very personal choice, the amount of stones in a ring. One stone is the more classic choice.


The vintage ring has a classic look. You can often recognize this versatile ring by it’s oval stone, surrounded by smaller stones. Colored stones are also used more often in vintage rings. Vintage rings are often unique, one of a kind.

A true feast for the eye!