Alberti is a refined Italian jewellery brand, manufacturing bespoke jewels with precious gemstones. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted in their workshop in Valenza, Italy. Alberti’s designer loves to use gemstones and creates the most beautiful combinations. This use of bright colors makes Alberti designs special and is something to recognize their jewels by.

The company was founded in 1974, when an ambitious, young sales associate partnered with a passionate factory manager who had extensive experience in the crafting of superior quality jewellery. ALBERTI is one of the few international companies to develop a full production cycle, starting from a unique design, thence precision production procedures, following right through to its wholesale business.

Their craftsmen pay great attention to the most intricate details and to the finest characteristics, so as to combine sophisticated style with any precious gem from our attractive stone selection, with the clear vision of attaining top standard finishing for each individual piece.

Combining expert manual techniques with the utmost of innovative technology, ALBERTI has always striven to create outstanding jewellery, so much so that, throughout the years, it has grown to become an important supplier to many internationally recognized brands.