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8 Important things to notice when you replace your watch battery!

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8 Important things to notice when you replace your watch battery!

Sounds familiar? The moment you realize it’s 12:09pm, still? Time to replace your watch battery…

It might seem simple to replace a battery. But pay attention! If you have a precious watch, the risk of replacing a watch battery is much bigger than you might think. It could easily break.

Clear and Transparent

I have decided to write this article, to clarify things and have it out in the open. I will address 8 points that are most important when you change your battery and the best place where you can have it done.

1. Dust free studio

First of all, the place where your watch will be openend is very important. This should, by no exception, always be a dust free environment. If your watch is damaged by dust or particles ending up inside your clockwork, then this will be very hard if not impossible to find out/prove. So, always check if your specialist has a dust free space.

2. The right tools

Every watch case is constructed differently and not every tool will fit on every watch case. The risk: you can break the coil, resulting in the fact you will have to replace it. This is a very costly part of the watch. The beating heart of your watch!



Another risk is that you can damage the date disk. And it goes without saying that you will have to replace it when this happens. So always check if the right tools for your watch are available. Each brand can be unique!

3. Clean wristband and case before opening

It is very important to clean a luxury watch, before you open it. The wristband can be thoroughly cleaned by an ultrasound machine. And the clockwork by hand. Of course we do this to avoid particles from ending up inside the watch.

4. High end batteries

There is a big difference in batteries on the market and sometimes this is hard to filter. But there are a few indicators. Never use Alkaline Batteries but always go for Silver Oxide Batteries. The first one usually comes from China and the better ones from Switzerland. Bad batteries will leak and damage your watch.

5. Visual inspection

Ask and find out if your jeweler will check the gaskets of the watch, to see if there are any leakages.


  • Backcover gasket
  • Glas gasket
  • Crown and gasket
  • Poussoirs

A good jeweler will provide this service while changing the battery.

6. Use of a magnifying glass

This way you can minimize the risk of damaging the watch. And you can detect probable rust stains or other problems.

7. Closing the watch

Also when you close a watch, there is still some risk. IMPORTANT: make sure that the screw is screwed on perfectly. If this is done incorrect the watch is not completely closed.

8. Waterproof test 

Last but not least. If you have a waterproof watch, then make sure that the waterproof test is done. A jeweler should have the power equipment to perform this. This will test the pressure which will indicate if a watch is waterproof.


Where will I find the right jeweler?

I guess by now you understand how vulnerable your watch can be, especially when you open it. Therefore always take it to the right business. For example:

Juwelier Ripassa, Vught

We can change batteries for every watch brand!

And if we are not nearby, then please take into account the 8 points listed above. And if a store is an official dealer of your brand. If they have an in-house studio (not sending your watch somewhere else) and watchmaker, is always a good sign!


We wish you a long and happy life with your watch(es)!

Juwelier Ripassa